30 years of Experience

ESERSAN is the first machine mounts manufacturer in TURKEY. For more than 30 years, we are leading machine feet market with an innovative approach. We provide services to high quality and economical products to many sectors.

Beside the machine feet, ESERSAN provides services to all machine manufacturers and producers of metals, plastics, food processing, packaging, automotive, textile, chemical, electrical and automation machinery with machine handle and components.

ESERSAN is able to produce specific rubber, metal and plastic products to create solutions if the market requires.

Our aim is increasing our product range constantly and deliver high-quality standards for customer satisfaction to keep our leading and preferred brand position.


Producing with You

Our main goal is to understand your wishes and expectations, to produce products in line with your demands, not only to make a lot of sales or to increase the market share but to win people.

Detailed Work

Product Design

Effective Usage

User Satisfaction

Provide Efficiency at the Highest Level

To save time and money by minimizing the loss of business with correct and effective business planning. To identify the negative processes that may or may occur on the customer or seller side, to eliminate them and to develop a system to prevent their occurrence.

As a follower of occupational health and safety rules, to ensure that our employees can go home safely.

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Global export network through Turkey

We sell our registered trademarks "ESERSAN" and "LEVEL" to all of TURKEY through our resellers for the last 20 years. Also, We export to many European and Middle Eastern countries.

It provides its customers with sector-specific solutions and services with a strong technological infrastructure that takes into account the demands of the countries. In the world markets, quality products and absolute customer satisfaction targets are continuing on the way quickly.